Our Voices Shall Remain

by Throes of Dawn

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SysLd thumbnail
SysLd My favorite band is back !

I'm f***ing excited. I was waiting for it too long !

This is some atmospheric black metal but this time, no dark voices. I miss it. The more the band grow up, the more maturity it gained.

Great performance ! I like the whole album !

The Understanding... Oh God !
This song really makes me tremble deep inside my soul. Favorite track: The Understanding.
H.L. thumbnail
H.L. I know ToD since end of the 90ies, when they still played melodic black metal ("The Withering Goddess" is one of my favourites).
Nowadays, ToD seem to be another band, as the aggression has disappeared completely. But the melancholy remained! It is strechted over 9 minute long songs, which touch you deep in the heart. Atmospheric instrumental parts, wafting over the air, soulful clean singing, even blues-like guitar playing,... This release is an emotional milestone in the band's history! Favorite track: Our Voices Shall Remain.
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released August 20, 2016

Throes of Dawn is:

Henri Koivula: vocals
Jani Heinola: guitars
Juha Ylikoski: lead guitars
Harri Huhtala: bass
Henri Andersson: keyboards
Juuso Backman: drums

Saxophone on tracks 6 & 7 by Henri Koivula

All music by Throes of Dawn
All lyrics by Henri Koivula

Recorded and mixed at D-studio, between May 2014- May 2016
Produced by Throes of Dawn
Engineered by Jarno Hänninen & Throes of Dawn
Mixed by Jarno Hänninen, Juuso Backman & Throes of Dawn
Mastered by Juuso Backman

Cover artwork by Costin Chioreanu


all rights reserved



Throes of Dawn Helsinki, Finland

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Track Name: Mesmerized
Blue colonies of sleep
Open wide
To the other ways of seeing
Let it all flow
Through your shields
Cease to hold on
Cease to hold on

There is no greater pain than love

Through the cold vastness grey
I saw you come with empty hands
With all the wrong stars above your head

I gave you all that was left of me
I gave you all that was left of me
Track Name: We Used to Speak in Colours
All the worlds that we contain
Afterimages of light
The dusk descends
Behind the clouds of your iris
With darker shades
That resonate through life

We used to speak in colours
We used to hear the songs
Of those who are to follow
Names called from the dust

Sand choked glass veins of time
We were the mirage and the echo
Waiting for gaze
Waiting for voice
That would resonate through life

We used to speak in colours
We used to hear the songs
Of those who are to follow
Names called from the dust

See what I see
Feel what I feel
Track Name: Lifelines
To think away
All these surroundings
Lost moments between
Our lifelines
Transpire into commotion

To give away
The best of friends
The Lover´s golden hands
The Worlds moving
Inside of me

To leave only words
That lead through the night
Of my sorrows
Track Name: The Understanding
Come tear the stars from the sky
The silver linings from these clouds
That slowly render the view
Over futures that will never be
These watercolour landscapes
Disappearing into the rain

Withered and frail
All lost in the rain
All lost in the rain
I was not lost in a good way
I was not lost in a good way

Something I knew
Always to lose
Worlds that we built
With silence not words
These Confined oceans
Bursting into life

Slowly detach
Those brittle hands
That should have carried us
To brighter futures
To lasting dawns
To a deeper understanding
Track Name: Our Voices Shall Remain
Across the silence
We carry a noise
Close the lid
Conceal the time
Let us hide
In empty spaces
Below the mind

Our voices shall remain

A Broken glissando
Melancholy zest
A living room burial
We can make it through death
Flow with rivers
Beneath consciousness
Our shadows extend
Into the outer spheres

Our voices shall remain

Release the signal
Merge with the noise
Unfold the wings
Light up the skies
Breathing disappearance
We move towards the other lights

Our voices shall remain
Track Name: One of Us is Missing
It´s never over
The pain
Is here again
You know that I´m sinking
Inside here

One of us is missing
Frail, frail heart
One of us is missing
Pale, pale sun
One of us is missing
Frail, frail heart
One of us is missing
Veiled, veiled mind

Dear Destroyer,
Are you heading
This way?
Hello darkness
Can you find your way
Inside here?
Track Name: The Black Wreath of Mind
To see through all those elusive dreams
Is to see the end in every beginning
The kiss of decay in every forehead
In every promise sworn for a lifetime

To see the opening of the end
In the birth of a moment
To see the love only as a weapon
The auburn sorrow
Slowly changing form

As distance grows
The vision fades
Remove the black wreath of mind
It´s time
To turn
All meanings

(For) there are no answers
(Only) silence that holds us within

Long forgotten
For the very first time

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